SEO Disclaimer

Blue Ray Marketing is a Blue Ray Marketing

This SEO disclaimer forms as part of our Terms of Service to any client who accepts a quotation for our SEO services.

We are unable to guarantee the specific placement for any specific keywords or key phrases as we do not control search engine results or their algorithms.

SEO Consultants is not affiliated with the search engines.
SEO Consultants is a third party to the search engines.
SEO Consultants does not:
Control or manipulate demand for products or services.
Control clicks in to your website as a result of high placement.
Cannot manipulate or control the search engine results.
Texas SEO Consultants can only control the techniques used in an effort to achieve the desired result.

Search engine results are controlled solely by each search engine and not Texas SEO Consultants. Search engines have complicated algorithms which evaluate pages on the internet against searches for keywords which are performed by its users. It is absolutely impossible for ANY Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company to guarantee any specific results for any webpage or website as they are not in control of the search engines, only the techniques applied in an effort to achieve the desired result of a higher ranking placement.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of applying techniques to a website in order to increase the probability of being ranked for specific keywords. “We” do not (and cannot) tell the search engine where to rank you. We follow best practice techniques through our experience that will out-perform your competitors to give you the highest possible rank on the major search engines for your target key phrases.


The search engines make some specific information and good practice recommendations public regarding how to get indexed and ranked within their system. They do not, however, provide a magic roadmap of their algorithm. We have accumulated years of data as a result of testing and experience resulting in an in-depth understanding of what has and does currently work; allowing us to increase the chances that a given website will perform and gain top search engine positions with the major search engines.


We cannot make any guarantee or promise of results. We will, however, use our work processes and techniques to give your site the best chance of ranking well on the major search engines for the specific key phrases that we target