Another client makes it to page one on Google searches!

Congrats to our team as well as Professional Plotter on being on the first page of Google searches and getting over 84,000 impressions and more than 2900 clicks through to your website from Google searchers. The stats don’t lie. Have a look at the Google Webmaster Tools screenshot. This is 1 month of Google stats....
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Things to know about Google’s April 21st algorithm change

What changes is Google making to its algorithm on April 21st? Answer: Recently, Google has been rolling out lots of changes to apps, Google Play, the presentation of mobile SERPS, and some of the more advanced development guidelines that impact mobile; we believe that many of these are in preparation for the 4/21 update. Google...
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Mobile armageddon

Mobile Armageddon April 21st 2015

Google prepares algorithm change; website owners must migrate to mobileNews Analysis Mar 12, 2015, 7:19am EDT GOOGLE EARNINGS Tony Avelar/BloombergGoogle Inc. sign at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View. Google is preparing an algorithmic change, starting April 21, that will expand its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search. Tyler Suchman, ContributorAs much as...
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SSL: Add https & benefits to SEO

According to many sources, Google has said they will give a slight boost in search rankings to sites that are secure. What does that mean? It means now there is another reason to secure your website with an SSL certificate. In other words to add the “https” to your website’s URL. One such article on...
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SEO and the new year

SEO in the New Year 2019

Start the year off right with a top ranking website! If your site isn’t showing up within the first few pages you are losing a lot of potential new customers. And that means a loss in new revenue for your business. If you’re spending a ton of cash on Pay-Per-click, then consider how much the...
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cms development

SEO in the new year!

Hey, got a great product to sell? If your site isn’t coming up on the first page or two of Google’s searches how do you expect to sell it? Please feel free to Google us: Google “Nationwide SEO consultants” We come up number one. Maybe for the new year you may want to consider our services....
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free website deal

Online Marketing for Multiple Franchise Locations

As a franchise owner or business owner, you’ll want to make sure that your business receives the attention is deserves. This can be done in several ways. Though if you plan on having your franchise branch out to different locations, you’ll have to take extra steps to ensure that each location is aware of your...
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Marketing a Local Franchise Location

Owning a small business or franchise based in one area can be challenging. If you are starting new and fresh, not very many people will know you. You are looking for ways to get your name out there and to increase business. Here are several ways you can increase business and become more well known...
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Google authorship

Is Google Authorship dead?

The concept of Google Authorship was started back in 2007 when a patent was files by Google for what was supposed to be a monumental search and results system. One that would ad a person to the blog. Like a driver’s licence sort of speak. The idea behind Author Rank is that the reputation of the...
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Penguin Panda Hummingbird Pigeon

Google’s New Pigeon Update

 Google has recently rolled out a new update for the US English search results. The update is said to be more behind the scenes, making it easier for users to detect relevant, accurate and local search listings. The update was put into place in July 24, 2014 in the US only. There has been no...
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