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SEO / SEM for Lawyers & Law Firms

SEO Consultants currently optimizes many websites on an exclusive basis for law firms (one lawyer per practice area, per market).  Founded in 2010,  SEO Consultants GURU’ was one of the first SEO companies to provide SEO services on an exclusive basis to attorneys.  Our clients range from solo lawyers who target one market with one website to national law firms with 30+ websites (each targeting different practice areas / markets).

To see examples of our work, please contact us at to set up a meeting with an SEO expert.

Since 2010, SEO Guru Consultants Has Been a Leader in Legal Marketing

Lawyers SEO Service expertsWe have done endless research and are considered experts at SEO for Lawyers. We specialize in getting attorney’s website to the top of local searches.

Contact us today and let us prove to you how we can get your site to the top of Google searches and get you more clients.

We specialize in Local search optimization in cities like: Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, Lewisville, Arlington, South lake, Denton, Georgetown, Round Rock, Addison, and others in North Texas. Many lawyers count on us to keep them showing up in searches.

Don’t Be Seduced by Other SEO Companies That Promise You the World Overnight Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do your competitors’ websites show up above yours in search results?
  • How come your website doesn’t appear until page three or four of Google?
  • If your website is so much better than the others—how come it ranks so low?

The answer is…you could be ignoring a key aspect of web marketing: SEO!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could press one button and your website magically appeared at the top of search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and all of the other major search engines? Since such a button doesn’t exist (and likely never will), you need to become familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). As business manager, SEO is your fuel to power a successful web marketing campaign. Effective SEO no longer encompasses “top secret” activities that go on in the back room. Instead, today’s search engine optimization involves constant interaction with your prospects, education, and brand building. It’s essential that you take certain steps in your business SEO campaign, but if you do things right, you will improve your website’s ability to be discovered naturally by search engines.

Approach SEO Right and Clients Will Find You Research has shown that you can boost your website traffic by 600 percent or more if you are in the top listings. That doesn’t seem surprising, as another study found that the majority of Internet users spend more time looking at the top search results than anywhere else. What does that mean for you and your business? If you are not on page one, and then you are invisible to your potential clients. Think about your search habits. You likely don’t scroll through the pages and pages of search results. Neither will your prospects.

Take the Right Steps in SEO for Successful Professionals

Search engine optimization is not a one-time event. It is a constant process that involves the following:

  • Keyword Research. You can’t do a lot with SEO until you know what keywords your prospects are using. That means you need to research keywords. There are many ways to go about researching, including looking at the competition, discovering top-searched words, and good old-fashioned brainstorming.
  • Content. Once you have your keywords, you can create content. Effective SEO is based on good content, whether your line of work is medicine, the law, or some other highly skilled profession. Your content will help you get found by the major search engines, which, in turn, will help you get discovered by your prospects. But compelling content must be structured in a specific way, with strategic keyword placement throughout the document. If you do things correctly, you will be able to please the search engines (because they rank good content more highly) at the same time you satisfy your prospects by providing them with helpful information.
  • Link Building. Whether we like it or not, links are still a signal to search engines on the authority and quality of your website. Therefore, inbound links (other websites pointing to your site) are crucial for effective SEO. You walk a fine line with link building, though; if you receive a flood of low-quality links, your website could suffer. On the other hand, if you can get relevant, highly credible websites linking to you, your website will profit.
  • Competitor Analysis. Do you have to be the best business on the web? The answer is no. You simply have to be better than your competitors. That means you need to track what your local competitors are doing to get high rankings, so that you can improve upon their efforts.

SEO-PackageSo for a busy professional, maybe SEO isn’t so easy. If all the steps involved overwhelm you, you have come to the right place. SEOConsultants.Guru specializes in search engine optimization for business. We can help you. Our SEO team will work alongside you to reach your marketing goals. We will develop a customized plan that will generate website traffic and ultimately new clients, patients, or customers. SEOConsultants.Guru (a Miller Bartruff company) specialize in helping law firms in the north Texas, and across the U.S. to rise above their competitors in the rankings. Blue Ray Marketing provide specialized services to cities like; Denton, Lewisville, South Lake, Arlington, Plano, 

We Love Our Clients

We look after each client as though it were our own business with very personal, prompt and highly professional care. We are not here to make the sale & take your money like some SEO companies. We treat your business rankings very seriously and please also note that you will deal with the owner of the company – not a pushy sales person on heavy targets focus all of our efforts and energy on achieving the very best SEO rankings and business results. Transform your website from being an online business brochure into a money making, lead generating asset, invaluable marketing tool, which is what it is meant to be!

What sort of results can you expect?

An SEO strategy to fit around you

All SEO Sydney Experts marketing and development work is designed to bring targeted search engine traffic to your web site. It makes sense that the more keywords we target for you, the more visible your site will be to customers with different requests. However, it’s all about tailoring an affordable SEO package to fit your budget, time frame and desired returns.

More bang for your hard earned buck

To reap you the best SEO results on any budget, we look into your niche, what your competition are doing, your website structure, your current SEO and many other factors. Then we determine the best targeted traffic for you, and where you’ll gain the highest conversions.

Visitors and profits go up with SEO

Once your SEO campaign is underway, things will begin to change. Ultimately, you can expect to:

  • Your website will rank higher in search results
  • You’ll have more potential customers visit your website
  • You can convert more visitors to sales.

It’s something we’ve achieved for many Texas businesses.

More love from the local searches

If you run a small local business, it can be difficult to achieve higher rankings competing against the whole of Texas or the U.S.. Depending on your business, a more focused local campaign can help you achieve some great results quickly, and turn more people in your area into loyal customers. This might include driving targeted search traffic to your web site, map listing or brick and mortar store, via local SEO.