Link Building Strategy & Good Practice SEO

Our Link Building Strategy & Good Practice SEO

We Drive Traffic to Your Website With (quality) Links

Our monthly SEO link building techniques are designed to improve our clients’ search engine rankings by growing the number and quality of links to their websites. Our link building strategy also organically increases a site’s popularity by driving new traffic to the site and stimulating a natural growth of the user base.

We do not utilize “black hat SEO” practices like automated links and link farms which may be effective in the short term but have little chance for long-term success. The link building strategy we employ is multi-tiered, targeting a wide range of markets and user communities relevant to our clients’ websites. Our proven techniques help establish a greater online presence for our clients by building their authority and reputation on the Internet. To achieve this, we use a combination of the following strategies:

Competitive Analysis

We research other sites that are linking to our clients’ competitors and solicit links from those sites.
Build Links from Industry-Related Websites

We identify quality industry-related sites and seek to forge a presence for our clients in those areas.

link building stratagiesLocal/National Listings:

We use local link building opportunities such as local town directories, government listings, and even yellow and white pages, all of which are excellent venues for increasing a client’s visibility in relevant geographic areas
We also ensure that our clients maintain a presence in all the major national listings.

Content Building and Submission:

One of the most successful ways to create links and actively promote our clients’ products is to create original content. We specialize in creating articles, Blog postings and other kinds of copy that are interesting to general consumers while still speaking directly to the niche communities most valuable to our clients. This content can then be quoted, linked to, and sent to various organizations for submission and promotion.
The articles needed for this strategy are either provided by the client’s copywriter or provided by Path for an additional fee.

Forum and Community Links:

We focus on finding both general category forums and narrowly-focused user communities that are relevant to our clients. Working with these communities, we build awareness of our clients’ websites in all relevant niche areas.

Social Media Networking/Bookmarking:

We begin by searching for area-specific Blogs and social networks, while also looking at large general ones, like Facebook, that may incorporate relevant niche sub-groups or communities.
Path creates and maintains a fictitious user profile that promotes the product while still remaining interesting and realistic.
We also visit social bookmarking sites in the process, from which we can add individual links back to the client’s profile.
Since we can monitor whether the profile has generated interest and activity, can exchange information or links with these potential customers and try to renew that partnership whenever new content is created.
Once we begin posting, whether it be on a forum or Blog, we monitor if a post or topic has continued to be spoken about so we can stay involved in the community and the discussion.

Directory Submissions:

In conjunction with other postings, directory submissions help to increase our clients’ online presence and provide links into their sites.
We focus on high-ranking directories along with niche directories, an approach that is similar to that used for social media networking.
Not only does a directory listing allow for additional linking to a client’s website, but it can originate with highly specific keywords and phrases that can lead to deep links into the most relevant pages of the client’s website.