Reputation Management

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Reputation Managment
  • Improve visibility of positive mention of your business.
  • Deal with criticism head-on to eliminate it if possible, or conceal it.
  • Remain vigilant and pro-active.

Negative comments or post about your business?

Weather deserved or not we can help. Often people who are upset (caught up in the moment) can write bad comments on a directory. Ever notice people who get great services are far less likely to go through the trouble of leaving a comment than someone who feels they got bad service? A comprehensive reputation management system in place can help though. We can broaden your targeted audience and help outweigh the bad comments with new good comments.

Why choose SEO Consultants’s reputation management service?

  • Our reputation management system has a proven track record. We open up your target area and broaden your audience so much that any bad comments left long ago are lost in the good comments. Imagine that bad comment is a needle and your new audience is a giant pile of hay! We constantly monitor traffic and comments on your website as well as local and national business listings for negative comments.

How we manage or rebuild your reputation:

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of time, work, research and keeping up to date on the latest search algorithms from search engines like Google. We know exactly what kind of new landing pages to launch and then how to get them. If you’ve had bad management in the past or trying to launch a brand new website it takes key placement and linking to all the social media sites out there. This all helps Google to know where to place your site in the rankings. Whether your in New York, Miami, Dallas, or St. Louis, bad reputation management can kill a good website.   Page Optimization In order to drive traffic to your new landing pages that feature more accurate descriptions of your business or product, we use optimization techniques including:

  • Landing page content and keyword phrase placement is key to Google liking your new page.
  • Unique title tags, descriptions, even image alt tags also play a role in placement.
  • Your page structure is key to Google knowing exactly what you sell or offer and place accordingly.
  • Unique and fresh content is developed for every page your site
  • Link building can also help your site, though not as important as content can still effect your rank.
  • We have sharing tools that we incorporate between your blog, Facebook, and Twitter to ensure you reach a large target.

Link Building (Citations)

seo-inbound-linksInbound links have gotten very complicated. They days of just getting hundreds of free links are gone. Now with the launch of Google’s Panda 4.0 Algorithm, say goodbye to spamming cities and zip codes on every page as well. We build quality back-links called “Citations” for your site. Citations include listing on high Page ranked directories. We also aim for “Follow” links over “Nofollow” links to give better rank and eventually new placement.

Content Creation

Your website could be your company’s best advertisement so it stands it should get a lot of attention and investment. How many people see your sign on your front door? Or see your ad in the local newspaper? Imagine with a well placed website with great content to keep people vested could do for you. How many people could see your website is almost unlimited.

Social Media & Marketing

FacebookSocial media has never been more important. Not only does it get your website more traffic but can also help build page authority for your site. Google and other search engines like to see people talking about you. That combines with a low bounce rate (how long someone stays on your site can really help your site from just doing OK to popping on the first page and even number one in your area. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are so important now, without them your site could get lost in the thousands of pages that come up in a search.

Pay per click

Texas SEO Consultants can certainly manage your PPC campains, but would rather get your site to come up on page 1.

Progress Reports

Texas SEO Consultants provides monthly reports to document your Online Reputation Management campaign progress. These reports can include:

  • Traffic behavior and comment removal.
  • A monthly update on search engine placement and weather your site is moving up.
  • Report on Authority: DMOZ, Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and other Directories.
  • New articles will be sent to your companies representative before placing on active pages.

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