Title Tag and Meta Description Character Lengths

Below is an estimate, since Google rarely announces or confirms an algorithm changes. Based on what we’re seeing in Google SERPs, title tag and meta description character limits have decreased 21% and 23%, respectively. You now have 55 characters (including spaces) for title tags and 115 characters (including spaces) for meta descriptions. Please note, these...
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Google authorship

Is Google Authorship dead?

The concept of Google Authorship was started back in 2007 when a patent was files by Google for what was supposed to be a monumental search and results system. One that would ad a person to the blog. Like a driver’s licence sort of speak. The idea behind Author Rank is that the reputation of the...
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Penguin Panda Hummingbird Pigeon

Google’s New Pigeon Update

 Google has recently rolled out a new update for the US English search results. The update is said to be more behind the scenes, making it easier for users to detect relevant, accurate and local search listings. The update was put into place in July 24, 2014 in the US only. There has been no...
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Link building vs content seo

Backlinks and Google Spiders

Is there a version of Google search that disregards back-links? Watch the video below for answers…
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