5 Authentic Ways That Social Media Impacts SEO

To comprehend what is mainstream, pertinent, and tenable, the internet searchers are turning to social media. Along these lines excessively must brands. On the off chance that you ask 10 diverse individuals in the computerized promoting industry, whether social media affect SEO, you’ll get 10 separate answers. Some express a resonating “YES,” and refer to Searchmetric’s...
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Top SEO lists (why you should ignore them)

Avoid dealing with “Pay-to-Play” SEO companies!   Ok so you have decided that your business needs to take advantage of what SEO can do for it, but you aren’t sure what to do next. Choosing a SEO company can be a very difficult task and if you don’t know what to look for you can...
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Social Media Management Ideas

Successful Social Media Management Services Ideas Social media could be utilized as one of the most potent marketing tool for your business. At present people are going to social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, and Google+. You must take benefit from the people participation and try to your brand promotion using this medium....
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West Palm Beach County Business

Reports of Business Information A “Report of Business Information“ is the one which provides information to customers about operating businesses in West Palm Beach County. This report summarizes customer allegations and resulting case dispositions. A few of the listed businesses would have no customer allegations. Also, the report provides fundamental information regarding landlords or businesses...
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Are backlinks still important? What about in the future?

Are backlinks still important? What about in the future? Short answer: Yes Long answer: In the past Google announced that backlinks would be a very important part of how searches rank websites. But with recent algorithm changes to Panda and Penguin, content is the new leader. yes for now backlinks are still important. Though bad, or...
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New Look – New Site!

As some of you may have noticed we have a new website. Formally www.millerbartruff.com, we are now blueraymarketing.com. Also we just changed the design and layout from our first layout. Apologies if it threw anyone off but we felt this was a much more SEO friendly wire frame. And as you may know, my personal...
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