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Target Strategy

Website Marketing Target Strategy

The identification of the best keyword phrase “clusters” to be targeted (based on target market, target audience and competitor site analysis) – these core keyword groups target a range of keyword combinations based on the overall content of your pages

At start-up we prepare current ranking benchmark of targeted keyword phrases – updated and reviewed with you each month. At start-up prepare competitor website ranking report for targeted keyword phrases – updated and reviewed with you each month

About This Service

Our expert Business Analysts work with you on your website, completing our bronze SEO Plan pre-defined tasks as well as identifying and implementing custom SEO requirements unique to your website and your target market. In addition, our experienced Digital Media Analysts source and negotiate unique link opportunities for your site, optimizing your link profile with highly relevant custom link prospects in careful balance with broader-subject link opportunities

Together, your Business Analyst and Digital Media Analyst will spend 10 hours implementing your SEO Plan, documenting and sharing their activities throughout the process and providing you with an “education” as well as results; this is a further reflection of the highly transparent approach we apply to our Search Engine Optimization packages.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

Big Data Analysis

Identification and Search Engine Optimization of key pages as well as assistance with the creation of new Search Engine-friendly “landing” pages, based on content developed in conjunction with you, to ensure that there is a balance of on-page keyword richness with your brand message.

SEO Mobile Specialty

We edit title, description and other “off-page” meta data focusing these pages to best target your keyword phrases as well as maximizing keyword rankings, click-through and traffic.

Best Keyword Ranking

In addition to the specific SEO tasks indicated, time is also allocated to custom SEO strategies and activities unique to your site.

Better Conversion

Plans vary depending upon your monthly SEO budget and time we spend working on your site and SEO. including social media & targeted activities and advice by your Business Analyst, Digital Media Analyst and their support team. Our prices start as low as $299.00 per month.

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