HTML Conversion to WordPress

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We are experts at HTML to WordPress conversion!

We specialize in building WordPress Websites. And of coarse we offer a conversion service. Basically you pick a layout you want, then we copy the HTML to a customized WordPress theme.

  • PSD to WordPress
    We provide the highest quality Joomla to WordPress conversions.
  • HTML to WordPress
    Impressive HTML website or HTML template conversion to WordPress theme service. We offer close matches and responsive Iphone and Android versions.
  • CMS to WordPress
    We can convert most CMS sites to WordPress. This includes Blogger to WordPress, Joomla to WordPress, and Wix.


  • Custom Website with all the same content of Original HTML Website, Photoshop Images, or CMS.
  • Cross Browser Compatible including Android and Iphone – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and others.
  • We offer training, instructions, and ongoing support for your new WordPress website.
  • SEO Friendly – Improved HTML coding, along with other free recommendations will enhance your visibility in the search engines.
  • Most sites ready within 1 week.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is an approach to website design that modifies for a user’s mobile and tablet devices. This approach makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet media queries.

Website Maintenance

We provide updates, support, enhancements, and additions to your existing site. Whether we built it or someone else has, we are happy to provide a variety of website packages for Austin businesses.

Website Design & WordPress

whether it’s a brand new website or your current site needs a fresh makeover, we can create innovative and modern websites that fit your needs. In Texas SEO Consultants Web and Design, our goal is to make great design available to all. Many website design companies are founded by people who are passionate about design or passionate about programming. We’re first and foremost passionate about value. Followed closely by design. Then programming. Well, programming is a necessary evil and is going to make us all bald prematurely, even the girls. But as you can see from our work, we’re not half bad at it. With most clients we are (once provided with all necessary content) can have your website up and running within a few days. you wont see this guarantee on too many designer’s websites. We hear all the time about people that paid for a website “Months ago” and are still waiting for their site to be finished. That doesn’t happen with us. Once the down payment is received and all content has been emailed to us. We will have your website online withing 7 business days. *Not always completely finished do to client changes and awaiting content from you.


products take a little longer to add but we usually can have you selling a few products within days. The founders of Texas SEO Consultants Website Design, believe like any business, it is important that the website convey competence and success. When it came time to redesign their site though, all the local web design firms were either too expensive or weren’t offering much in the way of site design. Sound familiar? Texas SEO Consultants’ discovered that you can actually build a really nice website pretty affordable by leveraging various resources, and Texas SEO Consultants Website Design was born. Never again will a perfectly good small or medium business have to settle for a so–so site

Risk is the enemy

If you’re shopping for a creative service, you usually don’t know what you’re getting until after you’ve paid for it. Since you don’t pay us anything until after you’ve chosen a template, that’s not really an issue with us. Your site will look a lot like the template. Also, you don’t make your last payment (usually half of the total) until the work is completed to your satisfaction. Here’s our guarantee: We guarantee you’ll be surprised at how much site we can build on your budget.

Website Portfolio

Why would some people settle for a bad website?

It’s funny. The same Arlington Realtor who would never take his clients around in anything but an immaculate Lexus is perfectly happy with a site they built themselves with Quicken. The same attorney whose lobby is a showplace will let their website resemble an exhibit of late ’90s web faux pas. Pretty websites sell for the same reason pretty everything else sells. Would you trust a business more if they looked successful and appeared to be at least able to put together a nice looking website? Would you pay more to work with a company that looked like they really have it together? Nothing succeeds like success.
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